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The most advanced anti-ageing treatment available!

FACTOR4 is the most advanced, targeted anti ageing treatment on the market, which works to slow down ageing, reducing fine lines and wrinkles to make skin look amazing – all with your own precious blood serum.

Factor4 is four times more effective than similar anti ageing treatments currently available – making it the most innovative product on the market.

It can be used for skin repair, skin tightening and skin brightening.

It is a highly concentrated plasma formulation created from a patient’s own blood. Using the latest medical technology, the patient’s blood is collected and stored in the Factor4 system’s special tubing and incubated.

The incubation period is an integral part of the process – this takes 6 to 9 hours and then treated to separate the red blood cells from the blood serum. This end product is then filtered and ready for use, or stored at -18C for future convenient treatment sessions.

Each clinician has their own treatment protocols. Treatment applications range from blebs, threads, direct injection, cannula, drizzle, micro-needling and massage techniques for the patient to re-invigorate and renew the cells, allowing for the layering of new collagen structures.

The good news for practitioners is it carries little risk of lumping or uneven results and it is available for all skin types. Your practitioner will determine at your consultation if the treatment is suitable for you.

As a result, Factor4 produces the best all natural skin rejuvenation treatment that is a pure, super rich serum, which contains four times the amount of growth factor than any other blood-rich injection products on the market.

Areas, which can be renewed using FACTOR4:

Wrinkles, skin ageing and age spots
Sun-damaged skin, skin pigmentation and dehydrated skin
Saggy facial skin and laugh lines
Crow’s feet, wrinkles under eyes and dark circles
Chest wrinkles
Saggy skin on arms and hands
Skin scarring and stretch marks
Knee wrinkles

Your patients can expect to see results after a couple of weeks from the first treatment. Once they have had three to four treatments one to two weeks apart they will experience the most beautiful results. Individual results may vary.


using the power from within to heal and rejuvenate!
100% Autologous
TGA and FDA Cleared
CE Marked in Europe
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