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LIPOGEMS® system is a disposable device for liposuction, processing and adipose tissue reinjection. Procedure takes place in a single surgical time.It’s a disposable device that progressively reduces adipose tissue clusters size, washing completely pro-inflammatory oil and blood debrids through a minimal manipulation “free enzyme” in a aseptic closed system completely prefilled by room temperature physiological solution.

LIPOGEMS® product is a non-expanded and microfractured fat tissue ready for autologous settings.

The non-expanded LIPOGEMS® product shows a remarkably preserved stromal vascular fraction (SVF) with slit-like capillaries wedged between adipocytes and stromal stalks with evident vascular lumina, harboring a significantly higher percentage of mature pericytes and hMSCs.

LIPOGEMS® product promotes natural regeneration process of tissues, finding application in many diseases.

Areas of application:

Cosmetic procedures
Plastic surgery
Plastic reconstructive surgery
Aesthetic enhancement

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